Bat Gadgets

bat-beltOne of my long time friends is a fan of Batman and most things related. He used to engage me often me often about all of the cool gadgets that helps Batman defeat his adversaries.

Batman is unique among other superheroes. Unlike Superman or the Flash, the dark knight does not have super powers such as super strength or super speed. He relies more on his martial arts training and cool gadgets to stop criminals in their tracks. Batman probably uses more gadgets than any other comic book superhero. Batman gadgets play a major role in revealing Batman’s adventures, in the original comic strips, on cartoon series, and in feature films.

The Bat-mobile is probably the coolest gadget in Batman’s arsenal. Different design have been made but the Bat-mobile is usually a black high-tech, high speed car with bat like tail-fins. In some episodes the Bat-mobile was even equipped with weapons like grenades and machine guns. Batman uses other vehicles in his crime fighting exploits like the Bat-boat and the Bat-cycle.

The Bat-mobile may be cool, but no other Batman gadget is more useful than the Batman Utility Belt. It’s where Batman keeps his portable gadgets and tools like the deadly Batarang. The Batarang is a tailor-made boomerang type of weapon that can be modified to suit every villain. The Batrope on the other hand allows Batman to scale and swing from tall buildings. 

Robin, Batman’s sidekick also uses gadgets that he and Batman concocted together. They would make state of the art Batman Gadgets in the safety of the Batcave. In the Batcave they were able to devise gadgets such as the Bat Radar, Bat Cuffs, Bat Camera, and even a Bat Spray to keep sharks at bay. The Batcave also houses the BatComputer which allows Batman to solve crime and monitor crime activity in Gotham city.

Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, is a multimillionaire and the owner of Wayne Corp. the biggest company in Gotham city. Batman used his money to develop weapons and technology that he needs to fight villains that terrorize Gotham city.

Another reason that Batman used gadgets was his dislike of using firearms. His parents were killed by a gunman making him feel that using firearms makes him no different from them. Batman without his Batman gadgets would be a lot less exciting, crime fighting batman style would be ordinary.

My buddy, who I mentioned earlier, has a carpet cleaning company in Renton, WA. He told me that he wears a bat emblem belt with cleaning solution, a floor scraper, and towel attached. He refers to all of his tools as small bat gadgets that help him do a great job servicing his clients.

Batman gadgets have evolved through the years. These gadgets are black and often carry the Batman logo. Batman’s popularity make batman merchandise very marketable and toy shops stalls everywhere are filled with Batman action figures, vehicles, and gadgets.

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