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batman-sweet-sour-hourWho exactly batman is! Know all the crucial details:

When we talk about superheroes, one thing that comes into mind is Batman. This crime fighting, caped crusader has been a part of our lives since it was released in a comic book series. Most of us have few ideas about him like his name, his sidekick, villains, and his cool gadgets. But only a few of us know about certain facts about the dark knight. In this article, will talk about who is Batman based on more interesting facts about this superhero.

Batman Unmasked:

Before we proceed into the main topic, let’s reintroduce who is Batman for the sake of those who are not familiar about him. Batman is one of the many superheroes that is based in comic book stories. His alter ego is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire playboy who at an early age witnessed the unfortunate murder of his parents by common thugs. It was this event that gave Bruce the motivation to seek revenge not only to those who killed his parents, but to all criminals situating in Gotham City. He then wore a mask became the hero known as Batman.

Did You Know?:

Since Batman was introduced in “Detective Comics” way back in 1939, he had become a cultural icon. Most of us know some common information about him. but here are other cool facts you might want to know about our beloved superhero:

  1. Technically speaking, he’s not a “superhero” – while Batman is classified along with the ranks of Superman, Wonder Woman, and other mighty and powerful beings, Batman cannot be considered as a superhero per se. A definition of a superhero is a person or being who possess supernatural powers and use his/her abilities for the common good. Batman is only human. He does not have any super powers at all, but he compensates this lack superhuman ability with his skills, intelligence, and gadgets through his utility belt. So even if he is “powerless”, he is still considered ‘super’ at least in his own way of doing good.
  2. Batman is a Teetotaler – Teetotalism is the practice of abstaining in the consumption of any alcoholic beverages. While Bruce Wayne is often recognized as having the reputation of being an irresponsible playboy and a heavy drinker, this is only a make belief persona so that the public won’t suspect that he’s the caped crusader.
  3. Name derived from freedom fighters – Batman’s alter ego name, Bruce Wayne was derived from the names of a Scottish patriot (Robert Bruce) and a United States general at the colonization period (Anthony Wayne)
  4. Arch enemy of all time – we all know that Joker is the ultimate Batman enemy, but why is this so? When the Joker was conceptualized, he should be a criminal that would represent everything that is irrational. He is the personification of everything Batman opposes, that’s why he is long considered to be the Bat’s arch nemesis.
  5. Not so ‘secret identity’ – it is quite amazing to think how Bruce Wayne can keep his identity to the entire public in Gotham when in fact there are 11 characters who know who really Batman is and they are:

– Alfred Pennyworth (the ever trusted family butler)

– 3 individuals who, at one time became Robin (Dick Grayson-Nightwing, Jason Todd-Red Hood, Tim Drake)

– Superman (fellow superhero)

– Hugo Strange (villain)

– Ras Al Ghul (villain)

– Bane (villain)

– Harold (villain and Penguin’s henchman)

– Batgirl (fellow superhero)

– Azrael (fellow superhero)

Influence In Popular Culture:

Batman has transcended most genres in the popular culture. His fame has been an inspiration for movie making, music, clothing, accessories, and to some extent even in food!

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